About Our Business

In 1985, S.O.S. Security Alarms was formed.  We began installing residential burglar
alarm systems.  We experienced growth through customer satisfaction.  Many of our
customers contracted us to install security systems in their business locations in
addition to their homes.  The number of customers continually increased due to "word
of mouth" referrals from completely satisfied customers.

Commercial customers continued to be added, in part, due to our commitment to
providing quality, professional service.

Further "word of mouth" referrals helped us to build a satisfied customer base.

In time, we were contracted by various government agencies requesting service on
their existing systems.  We were more than willing to take on this new avenue of

Then, we began installing complete, new systems as well as upgrades for these
government facilities.  We have been working with different government departments
for over 15 years.  

Today, we are actively servicing hundreds of government intrusion, fire, camera and
access systems, in several states including the District of Columbia.  

We are an independent dealer which enables us to utilize systems made by many
alarm system manufacturers.
Is there a particular system you would like to have due to it being familiar to you?
         Just let us know!  We can get it for you and install it.

We believe that a successful business is based on
trustworthiness, integrity and
honesty.  Our existing, as well as potential customers, deserve to get true value for
their investment.  Customers have a right to know what they are purchasing and how
it will function for them.  

Our professional approach to business, honesty in word and action, and our reliability,
helps our long-time and new customers to be satisfied and secure.

Design of your system follows a personal consultation with YOU.  We want to know
how YOU intend to use the system and what YOU expect the alarm system to
accomplish.  Additionally, we want to provide you with reliable information so you can
make an informed decision.

After discussing your needs, we will then design a system that will provide the
greatest peace of mind for you and your family and give you the best value.  
  We will not try to sell you something you don't need or want.

Installations are done in a professional manner,  following all local electrical codes
and standards.  Our job is not completed - until you are satisfied.
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